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Life is not a linear experience; it is circular, with forces acting upon the body from all directions. Learn more in the 5 Fundamentals of iFlow!

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An extended range of motion is only good if you can function in the position. iFlow tubing allows you to engage the muscle in a fully lengthened position. Learn more in the 5 Fundamentals of iFlow!

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Gaining intense popularity in Canada, iFlow is a fun, motivating and challenging blend of Yoga, Pilates and Mixed Martial Arts that can easily adapt to any fitness level. The program is a perfect solution for trainers considering a new, exciting and realistic fitness program for their clients.

Why iFlow is the way you should work out:

The 5 Principles of iFlow

1. Reducing Injuries: Your Body is Circular, not Linear.

One of the main advantages of working with tubing as opposed to conventional weights, is the use of circular motions in all movements. Your body and joints work in circles and not in a straight line. This is especially true for the major joints of the body such as the shoulder, spinal column and hip joints. These are also where the majority of injuries occur.

Life is not a linear experience; it is circular, with forces acting upon the body from all directions. When pursuing only weight training, you do not condition true proprioception of the nervous system in support of the joint. For example, conventional shoulder movements such as pressing, flys and lateral movements are linear and do not allow the shoulder to truly be conditioned in a full 360 degrees of movement, thus setting the joint up for the majority of injuries that are seen with clients. To fully innervate the complete nervous system response around a set of muscular contractions the motion must have a circular as well as linear component.

2. Resist Conventional Workouts: Kinesthetic Resistence Leaves You Feeling Invigorated!

Conventional workouts are acted upon by the same rule, the rule of gravity. You can never beat gravity, you may (for a short period of time) resist it with some success, but it will always leave you feeling drained. iFlow tubing contains potential energy, the tube itself is alive with energy! When you stretch it, the tube gives you energy, and then it takes it away. It is always a constant exchange. It is that exchange of energy that leaves you feeling invigorated. It is our belief that the dynamic nature of the energy contained in the tube itself directly acts upon the muscle spindle and Golgi organs, giving the body a completely unique nervous system response in comparison to weight lifting. This factor is enhanced by the dynamic full range of motion positions achieved when using the iFlow tubing. The majority of the movements realized with the tube are typically not possible with conventional weights due to the limitation of gravity working in a constant downward direction. With the freedom from gravity comes the endless possibilities that are emphasized with the use of tubing.

3. No More Boring Workouts: Tubing Keeps You Engaged At All Times.

The most dynamic aspect of the iFlow tubing is it's ability to engage the user in the workout. This stems directly from fundamental 2, you are actually working out “with” the tube rather than simply “using” the tube to work out. You must be present at all times during the workout or the tube will not allow you to continue, it will pull or push you off balance and out of alignment the second you stop paying attention. How much do you “have to” pay attention during a basic bicep curl? With proper concentration and focus you can be 100% engaged in a bicep curl, the main factor remains that it is a choice. Many fitness enthusiasts have a difficult time keeping engaged in their workouts. With tubing, they have no choice, because the tubes engages with them.

4. Getting Real Results: Functional Flexibility

An extended range of motion is only good if you can function in the position. For example, if you can drop into a deep lunging position, yet were not able to push yourself back up again, is that truly flexibility or just hyper-mobility? iFlow tubing allows you to engage the muscle in a fully lengthened position, thus giving the muscular system as well as the joint the opportunity to increase its ability to generate force at all ranges of motion. This same type of dynamic strength coupled with flexibility is impossible with conventional weight training due to the limitation of gravity. Gravity is not the only factor limiting this action, it is also the proprioceptive response generated by the dynamic energy contained in the tube. In summary, the tube actually gives the muscle the trigger it needs to engage at a higher level. This is directly due to three anatomical factors: 1) The stretch reflex, 2) The golgi organ and 3) The muscle spindles and how they in conjunction transfer information to the central nervous system. The tubing is facilitating PNF stretching in the body throughout the entire workout, which means better results.

5. No More Limiting Movements: The Extra 10%

So now we know that the iFlow tubing allows for an increased range of motion and intensity of contraction not available with conventional weight training. This is not as much a fault with weight training as it is simply the natural limitations of the movements. With weight lifting, achieving the deepest most complete contraction possible is the key to success. The same stands true with tubing, except the nature of the tubing allows the user to “drive through” a motion to reach a peak contraction through movement and not simply through the commonly used max contraction principle or an Isometric Contraction. The Extra 10% builds its power directly from the information transferred to the central nervous system from the Golgi Organ.

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“...the iFlow Workout significantly activates both the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways of the participant.

The metabolic intensity of the workout approximates 6 METs and elicits an energy expenditure rate of approximately 8 kcal/min.”

Taken from “Metabolic Response” Research Paper, click here for the complete document.
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