If you have a question about the iFlow Fitness System, you've come to the right place. Simply browse through our list of the most common questions and answers. If you have a question that's not answered here, feel free to ask us.

Who can use iFlow?
The iFlow Fitness System can be used anyone who is interested in approaching fitness in a new and exciting way. iFlow has been especially designed for fitness professionals as they are so often the door way for people just getting into fitness. Whether you are a personal trainer, a group exercise instructor or a fitness enthusiast iFlow will work for you!
Can anyone take an iFlow Workshop?
While anyone interested in iFlow can take the basic workshop, the complete series is designed primarily for fitness professionals that are looking for a more unique way to train their clients. The goal of each iFlow Workshop is to help you engage with your personal training clients and take their results to the next level!
Do I need prior fitness experience to take the Level 1 iFlow Workshop?
The Level 1 workshop is deigned for anyone with fitness experience. You do not require a certification or degree, if you have experience with fitness (such as personal workouts or working with a personal trainer) you will benefit from the workshop. iFlow Level 1 is designed to introduce anyone at any level to the iFlow Fitness System and to give them a basic understanding of training with exercise tubes, whether training on their own, or training others.
Can I take both Level 1 and Level 2 workshops in the same weekend?
Yes. The Level 2 work shop is designed to expand on the 5 Fundamentals learned in Level 1, many participants have taken both workshops back to back with great success.
Where can iFlow be done?
Anywhere you can anchor the tube! The beauty of iFlow is that all you need is an open space to stretch out (approximately 8'×8'), and anywhere you can attach the tubing. This can be a post, swingset, railing, fitness equipment, a door or your workout partner! The opportunity to train virtually anywhere is what makes iFlow so much fun.
Is iFlow intended for personal training or group exercise?
It is no secret that iFlow has its roots firmly planted in personal training. Originally designed to give personal trainers another tool in their repertoire, iFlow very quickly evolved into the realm of small group personal training and group exercise. With the iFlow Ring you can accommodate as many groups of 5 participants as your space has room for, it's a blast!
Do the iFlow exercises require a special type of exercise tubing?
Yes. The key to iFlow rests in the 5 Fundamentals and the type of exercise tubing used can have a huge impact on your workout. Poor quality, low cost tubing can hold potential safety risks as the tube can break at any time, a significant risk of injury. Additionally, the quality of the tube will directly affect how the tube expands and maintains constant tension, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the full benefits of the iFlow exercises. We recommend our own tested, iFlow tubing, available for purchase through this web site.
Is safety a concern?
As with all forms of physical activity, personal safety is the top priority. Prior to beginning any type of formal exercise program all participants should seek approval from their physician and be sure to use our own tested iFlow tubing since it is specifically engineered for this type of activity.
What is an “iFlow Safety Check”?
The iFlow Safety Check is a very important procedure that is required before beginning any iFlow session to maintain safety throughout the workout. We guide all participants through this Safety Check in the level 1 workshop:
  • Step 1: Grasp the iFlow tube you are planning to use in your session and pull the full length of the tube through one of your hands.
  • Step 2: As you slide the tube through your hand observe the tube for any nicks or cuts that may have occurred during the last use of the equipment.
  • Step 3: No nicks or cuts – Enjoy your workout! If any nicks or cuts are found – STOP using the tube immediately
Can I used the iFlow™ name to promote my classes or services?
iFlow is a registered trademark and can only be used in compliance to the following guidelines:
  • The iFlow trademark can only be used by individuals who have completed a minimum of the Level 1 iFlow workshop.
  • The iFlow trademark can only be used in reference to the iFlow exercises and in no way is intended to represent the type of equipment used.
  • The iFlow trademark and logo must be used in the correct format. A PDF of the iFlow Logo can be obtained by contacting info@iflowfitness.com
How does the iFlow Group Ring Work?
The beauty of the iFlow Ring is that it is a self contained unit that requires no external anchor points. This allows you to create a group experience in any environment. As each participant is attached to one central anchor point the participants themselves are what provide the anchoring for the other people in the group. Not only does it allow for a high degree of functionality, it creates a dynamic energy in the group that encourages participation.
Is the Fitness Professional DVD a substitute for the Workshop?

Although a DVD can never replace the information learned in a hands on workshop, the Fitness Professional DVD was created to bridge that gap. Due to the challenges around the cost and time constraints of attending workshops we created the DVD to give fitness professionals the opportunity to explore the 30 fundamental iFlow exercises in the comfort of their own home.

The DVD goes through 30 of the fundamental iFlow exercises explaining each in a step by step educational format. This is not a workout DVD and is intended for fitness professionals who want to gain more of an understanding behind the iFlow way of training with tubes.

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